Rehabilitation Techniques

We use a variety of rehabilitation techniques to keep Lenexa’s roads in good condition. The technique we choose depends on the condition of the road and value of the treatment, among other factors.

Crack seal

Crack seal is usually a first defense against pavement deterioration and is typically done to newer roads with small problem areas. Crack sealant is applied to cracks to prevent water and other materials from getting into cracks. Crack seal costs $2 per square yard to apply.

Micro seal

Micro seal is a mixture of fine aggregate, polymer-modified emulsion, mineral filler and water. Micro seal extends pavement life and provides a fast dry time to ensure the roadway is quickly usable. The treatment cost for micro seal is $4 per square yard.

Mill and overlay

A mill and overlay is intended to replace a failing surface. It consists of milling off the top portion of the street and replacing approximately 2 inches of the surface. This technique extends the life of the road in a more cost-efficient manner than a complete reconstruction. The treatment cost for mill and overlay is $10 per square yard.


Reconstruction entails removing and replacing the existing roadway, curb and gutter, and performing any needed subgrade modifications. It is the most expensive of the rehabilitation methods, costing $50 per square yard.


Rejuvenators restore chemicals lost due to pavement oxidation and reduce the formation of additional cracks in the roadway. They are typically used on low-volume, low-speed roads and parking lots. Treatment cost is $1 per square yard.

Ultra-thin bonded asphalt surface

Ultra-thin bonded asphalt surface (UBAS) is a preventative maintenance tool used to help extend the life of a road by placing a thin, coarse aggregate hot mix over a special asphalt membrane. The membrane prevents water leakage and provides a superior bond to the old asphalt. The overlay can disperse water quickly off the surface, which reduces roadway spray from vehicles and provides greater visibility in wet weather. UBAS can be installed quickly, and it lasts several years longer than microseal. Treatment cost is $4.85 per square yard.