Commercial Building Permits

After you have gone through the planning process and received approval from the Lenexa City Council (if applicable), you will need to apply for a commercial building permit for new construction, remodels, alterations, or tenant finish projects.


You can apply for a commercial construction building permit by uploading documents electronically to our online public portal. 

New construction permits or additions

If you are applying for a new construction permit, you will need to upload the following:

New Construction and Additions Building Permit Guide

Owners Information Certificate

Tenant finish/remodeling permits

If you are applying for a tenant finish or remodeling permit, you will need:

  • Completed building permit application.

  • Construction plans sealed and signed by an architect or engineer licensed in Kansas. These will be used in your commercial plan review.

  • A certificate of occupancy application, if the tenant is new to the space or changing the area of the space being occupied– there is no additional fee if you file this with your building permit application. If the tenant already occupies the space and is remodeling within the existing footprint, then you do not need a certificate of occupancy.

  • Current applicable licenses

Detailed Tenant Finish Building Permit Guide

Detailed Commercial Remodeling Building Permit Guide

Owners Information Certificate

Plan review

As part of the building permit application process, we will conduct a plan review to ensure your project meets our building codes. During this process, we’ll review site plans, floor plans, mechanical, engineering, plumbing, landscaping, civil engineering and ADA compliance, among other items.


Your project will require one or more inspections by a city building inspector. You must schedule your inspection at least one business day in advance:

  • Online through our Application and Permitting Portal. (Appointments for final inspections should be scheduled by phone)

  • By calling customer service at 913.477.7500 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Commercial Building Resources