School Resource Officers

Each school in Lenexa is assigned a School Resource Officer (SRO), who works with school administrators to promote a safe educational environment for all students.

SRO assignments

Master Police Officer Pierce, [email protected], 913.825.8168

  • St. James Academy

Master Police Officer Hoch, [email protected], 913.825.8134

  • Trailridge Middle School

Police Officer Raniag, [email protected], 913.825.8230

  • Holy Trinity Catholic School

  • Mill Creek Middle School

  • Rising Star Elementary School

Corporal Larson, [email protected], 913.825.8116

  • Christa McAuliffe Elementary School

  • Canyon Creek Elementary School

  • Sunflower Elementary School

Police Officer Gevertz, [email protected], 913.825.8180

  • Lenexa Hills Elementary School

  • Manchester Park Elementary School

  • Mill Creek Elementary School

  • Rosehill Elementary School

School Resource Unit supervisor: 
Sergeant Jason Hinkle, [email protected], 913.825.8098

SRO duties

SROs serve as members of each school’s faculty, acting as teacher, guest speaker, informal counselor, programs coordinator and law enforcement officer. Their duties include:

  • Serving as a police figure and positive role model by dealing with law and safety issues

  • Serving as a resource to teachers, parents and students by dealing with individual problems, concerns and questions

  • Providing classroom instruction on law-related topics, violence prevention and diffusion, internet safety, bullying, alcohol and drug prevention, citizenship and safety.

  • Reducing juvenile crime by increasing students’ awareness of rules, authority, and justice and promoting self-awareness and responsible citizenship.

  • Reviewing school crisis plans and conducting safety meetings with school staff and students.

  • Assist with tornado, fire and lockdown drills.

  • Gathering information about problems such as criminal or gang activity, student unrest and individuals who may be disruptive to the school.

  • Attending parent and faculty meetings.