Youth Fire Intervention Program

three boys playing with matchesFire departments respond to over 30,000 fires nationwide each year that are caused by individuals playing with fire, according to the National Fire Protection Association. These fires result in an estimated 50 deaths, more than 500 injuries, and approximately $205 million in property damage. Nearly 80% of home fires caused by playing with fire were started by children 10 or younger.

The Lenexa Fire Department Youth Fire Intervention Program is designed for children ages 5–17 who have set fires — intentionally or not — by playing with matches, lighters, fireworks, candles or other flame sources. It is also for children who have played with fire or show a concerning curiosity of fire.

The program is not punishment. It is an educational opportunity for youth to see the lasting impacts their actions can have on themselves, their family and the community. As part of the program, participants and their families will visit firefighters at a fire station. They will learn the financial cost to the community and possible personal injury caused by playing with fire.

The Lenexa Fire Department is a member of the Youth Fire Intervention Team of Eastern Kansas. Part of their mission is to preserve life and property by reducing youth fire setting through intervention programs and education.

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Youth Fire Intervention Program Interest Form

To refer a child, fill out the form below and a representative from the Lenexa Fire Department Youth Fire Intervention Program will be in touch with you. You may also contact the department directly at 913.477.7990 or [email protected].

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