Hiring an off-duty police officer

Lenexa police officer standing outside the Lenexa Community Center with two people..

Off-duty Lenexa police officers may be hired by a private entity to provide security related services. Common assignments include providing security at churches, at private businesses after the termination of an employee, and at large retail events such as “warehouse” sales, grand openings, or other heavily trafficked events.

Duties provided 

  • General security at private events, fundraisers or other functions.

  • Law enforcement functions for persons or private property.

  • Traffic or pedestrian control on private property.

Hiring process 

  1. Contact the program coordinator at 913.825.8081 or [email protected] at least two weeks prior to the event, if possible.

  2. Plan to provide the following:
  • Description of job duties to be performed.

  • Length of job request (hours and days).

  • A site visit, upon request.


The current pay rate is $50 per hour, for each officer assigned. The total sum due to each officer for the assignment is to be paid directly to each officer at the time of the event unless other prior arrangements have been made with the program coordinator.


  • Assignments are limited to Lenexa city limits, unless approved otherwise by the chief of police.

  • Assignments can be one time or on a reoccurring basis.

  • Assignments must be a minimum of 2 hours in length. If an assignment is expected to be less than 2 hours, a 2-hour minimum pay to the assigned officer(s) will still be required.

  • Police officers will be in the standard patrol uniform issued by the Lenexa Police Department, unless other prior arrangements have been made. In some instances, you may request officers be in “plain clothes” for the assignment, however the final determination will made by the chief of police.

  • Police officers will utilize standard issued duty equipment.

  • All police officers working an off-duty assignment are subject to mobilization by the Lenexa Police Department in the event of an emergency or staffing needs.

  • Contractors must notify the Lenexa Police Department of any cancellation at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of any work assignment. Failure to cancel within twenty-four (24) hours may result in a two (2) hour minimum charge per assigned police officer.


  • Police officers are prohibited from performing non-security activities including but not limited to, serving food or beverages, including alcohol, parking cars, collecting tickets, stocking shelves, handing out pamphlets, and influencing traffic flow in a public right of way.

  • Police officers will not be approved to contract with any employer whose associates or operations are of questionable nature; create a conflict of interest; discredit the officer, the Lenexa Police Department or the City of Lenexa.

  • Some prohibited off-duty officer assignments include:
    • Establishments or events where alcoholic beverages are being served. Exceptions are official City of Lenexa events where alcohol waivers have been issued or private events that occur at a City of Lenexa facility, which includes the following:
      • Thompson Barn – 11184 Lackman Rd.
      • Lenexa Community Center – 13420 Oak St.
      • Lenexa Senior Center – 13425 Walnut St.
      • Lenexa Public Market – 8750 Penrose St.
      • Lenexa parks

    • Other events where alcohol will be served, other than drinking establishments, may be approved on a case-by-case basis, based on the nature of the event.
      • Performance of any personnel investigations for any entity/organization.
      • Performance of any work that requires access to police files or records.

      Final authority on the hiring of an off-duty Lenexa police officer will be up to the chief of police. For questions, contact the program coordinator at 913.825.8081 or [email protected].