Cost Share Program

You can help treat stormwater runoff by installing rain gardens, native vegetation and rain barrels on your property, and we can help through our Stormwater Cost Share Program.   

The Cost Share Program is funded through a $15,000 grant from the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program. We provide an additional $7,500. If you are a resident of Lenexa, you can receive 75% reimbursement for eligible expenses associated with the installation of gardens or structures that help reduce stormwater pollution. These funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  

What qualifies?  

Projects that are eligible for reimbursement include:  

  • Rain gardens   

  • Rain barrels and cisterns

  • Native plantings

  • Permeable pavers 

What is the maximum reimbursement?

The maximum reimbursement is $110 for rain barrels and $1,500 for rain gardens, cisterns, permeable pavers or native plantings. 

Apply for reimbursement

Two options are available to sign up for the 2024 Cost Share Program. You can either download a copy of the application, print it and mail it in to us or complete an online form that is emailed to us immediately.

General Cost Share Application (PDF)
Rain Barrels Application (PDF)

Apply for Cost Share Program online

Cost share qualifying options for your home landscape