Fitness Floor

We pride ourselves on having a fitness floor that is accessible to everyone. 

Walking track

Our walking track is 1/6 of a mile and has stunning panoramic 360-degree views. We alternate the direction each day. The track features a 5% grade change, which allows you to challenge yourself, if you choose. A flat 1/10-mile bypass is available. 

Six laps around the full track equals 1 mile. 10 laps around the bypass equals 1 mile. 

The track is available for ages 16 and up to use on your own, or for all ages with parent or guardian supervision.

Fitness equipment

With more than 75 pieces of equipment, you are sure to find what you are looking for to assist in staying healthy. Want to get more confident? Request an equipment orientation

General/miscellaneous equipment

  • Slam balls (varying weights)

  • Sand bags

  • Kettle bells

  • Dumbbell racks

  • Barbell racks

  • Flexibility machines

  • Two Technogym Skillmills

Cable machines

  • Freemotion Row

  • Freemotion Shoulder

  • Freemotion Chest

  • Freemotion Lat

  • Freemotion Lift

  • Freemotion Step

  • Freemotion Squat

Lifting machines

  • Incline bench

  • Leg press

  • Two dynamic bench and squat racks

  • Dynamic bench and squat rack with a deadlift platform

  • Nautilus Freedom Rack

Beginner lifting machines

  • Nautilus hip abduction/adduction

  • Nautilus seated leg curl

  • Nautilus leg extension

  • Nautilus leg press

  • Nautilus shoulder press

  • Nautilus mid row

  • Nautilus abdominal crunch

  • Nautilus chest press 

  • Two Freemotion dual cable cross

Cardio machines

  • Two Concept 2 - indoor rowers

  • Three Technogym stair climbers

  • Five True CS650 treadmills

  • Six True CS900 treadmills

  • 12 True CS900 ellipticals

  • 11 True alpine runners

  • Six True CS900 upright bikes

  • Two cycle bikes

  • Wind resistance bike

  • Stair Master - airfit upper body

Fitness floor rules

  1. You must be 16 or older to use the fitness equipment. Children who are ages 12 to 15 may use the equipment after completing a Youth Equipment Orientation.

  2. Please use the equipment as it was intended and designed. 

  3. All equipment must remain on the fitness floor. Please do not take equipment to other areas of the building without first receiving permission from a fitness attendant. 

  4. Return equipment to its original location and re-rack weights after you use them.

  5. Do not drop weights or slam weight stacks. 

  6. We do not allow chalk to be used. 

  7. When using Olympic bars, you must use a weight collar. 

  8. If you do not have a spotter, we recommend you use the Freedom Rack. Please ask a fitness attendant for more information. 

  9. Please use a sanitizing wipe to sanitize the equipment after you use it.

  10. Do not use abusive language or make excessive noise.

  11. When browsing the internet or watching TV, please ensure it is appropriate for all ages to view. 

  12. Our fitness floor is intended to be shared. Please do not monopolize machines between sets. During peak times (6 to 8 a.m., 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 to 6 p.m.), you are limited to 30 minutes per cardio machine. 

  13. Please do not talk on your cell phone on the fitness floor. 

  14. Do not take photos or video on the fitness floor, out of respect for everyone's privacy. 

  15. Use the lockers or your vehicle to store personal belongings. We are not responsible for lost items.

  16. Food is not allowed on the fitness floor, but we do allow sealed bottles and drink containers.  

  17. Please report all injuries and broken equipment to a fitness attendant. 

  18. Personal trainers other than authorized Rec Center personal trainers may not be on the fitness floor. 

  19. Please follow all instructions given by fitness attendants. 

Dress code

  • Please wear athletic apparel and closed-toe athletic shoes at all times. 

  • Clothing must be appropriate for all age groups. 

  • Shirts must always be worn while in the facility. Sports bras and undergarments must be covered.

  • Shirts must cover your torso, and shorts must be mid-thigh or longer.
  • We do not allow swimsuits on the fitness floor. 

  • Please do not wear sandals, dress shoes, jeans, khakis or belts while using the fitness equipment.