Recipe: All-natural applesauce

Recipe: All-natural applesauce
Posted on 09/21/2020
applesauce in bowl with spoonIt’s incredibly easy to make your own delicious, unsweetened applesauce at home with just a few ingredients. Aside from spooning the finished product straight into your mouth, there are many ways to use it up.

Applesauce is a great topping for pancakes, waffles and potato latkes, a glaze or condiment for meat, an accompaniment for tangy cheese, and as a replacement for oil or melted butter in certain baked goods.

Stock up on locally grown apples from Sunflower Orchards at the Lenexa Farmers Market.


5–6 apples (pint basket)
One lemon half (juiced)
½ cup water


  1. Peel your apples.

  2. Core and cut apples.

  3. Place apples, water and lemon juice in covered pot on low.

  4. Simmer until apples are tender.

  5. Mash apples to consistency you prefer.

  6. If there is too much water, you can simmer the applesauce a little longer.

  7. You can serve warm or chilled. Or can the applesauce for later consumption.

Published Sept. 21, 2020