Meet the vendor: Mac’s Cinnamon Rolls

Meet the vendor: Mac’s Cinnamon Rolls
Posted on 03/22/2023
cinnamon roll drizzled with frosting

One thing we know about Lenexa Farmers Market customers is that they can’t get enough cinnamon rolls. We’re happy to expand the availability of this popular baked good. New vendor Mac’s Cinnamon Rolls — based in Joplin, Missouri — specializes in baking delicious rolls with a wide variety of enticing flavors. 

Owner Keith McDonald originally developed his recipe after his daughter challenged him to craft a better cinnamon roll than the store at the mall. He experimented by having family and friends taste test sample rolls until he finally settled on a version everyone enjoyed.

Since then, McDonald has mixed up more than 50 different flavor combinations. He is always looking for the next great flavor. Customer favorites include the classic cinnamon roll with frosting, caramel pecan, strawberry cheesecake, blueberry pie, apple pie and peanut butter brownie.

As a kid, McDonald helped out in his father’s bakery. He has worked in and out of kitchens throughout his career. McDonald has taken his products to the next level by having access to kitchen space large enough to produce hundreds of cinnamon rolls at a time.

The incubator kitchen where he bakes in Joplin served vital roles in the community prior to its current use. In 2011, a tornado destroyed much of the town, including the high school. The community transformed a warehouse into a temporary high school. Once the new high school was built, the Joplin Chamber of Commerce repurposed the building as an Advanced Training and Technology Center. The kitchen space turns into McDonald's bakery every week, and he shares the space with other local businesses. 

During the Lenexa Farmers Market regular outdoor season, look for the Mac’s Cinnamon Rolls vendor booth on select Saturdays.

Published March 22, 2023