Meet the vendor: TwiinZ Beard Balm & Essentials

Meet the vendor: TwiinZ Beard Balm & Essentials
Posted on 01/25/2023
two mean with beards and sunglasses standing in front of vendor tent

You never know where you will find that final push to get a business off the ground. For Adam Montes, it was a visit in late 2021 with his family to the Auschwitz exhibit at Union Station. “At the very end of the exhibit was a slide that challenged me to action.” He took a photo of that simple screen with powerful words from an Auschwitz survivor.  

“You who are passing by 
I beg you 
Do something 
Learn a dance step 
Something to justify your existence 
Something that gives you the right  
To be dressed in your skin in your body hair 
Learn to walk and to laugh 
Because it would be too senseless 
After all 
For so many to have died 
While you live 
Doing nothing with your life.” 

Auschwitz survivor Charlotte Delbo (1971)

Adam was motivated to make a change and live his life with more purpose by creating something of his own. He wanted to be his own boss. 

While Adam was shopping for beard balms, he noticed there weren’t any great beard products available. Either they were too oily or their fragrance was too strong. 

He decided to start experimenting. At the same time, he reached out to his twin brother, Daniel — who also had a beard — to see if he wanted to join him in creating a business. Daniel excitedly agreed. The two worked on a logo that represented both brothers, and TwiinZ Beard Balm & Essentials was born. 

Adam and Daniel Montes started to make their first beard balm and shared with friends to test the products. After many hours of research and quite a few test batches later, they found the perfect consistency for their beard balm.  

The brothers believe in the use of essential oils to assist in daily life. That is why they created seven blends: three energy boost blends, two masculine blends and two blends that help with sleep or sinuses. Fresh Air is an invigorating minty, eucalyptus blend that is a nice start to your day, whereas Niice Dreams is perfect to put on before bed to let the lavender and bergamot help you get a good night sleep.  

Another blend, “Veteran,” shows their appreciation for their fellow soldiers. It is made with frankincense, tea tree and a hint of tangerine.  

TwiinZ Beard Balm & Essentials also offers beard wash using the top three customer favorite blends to start this product line. In the future, they plan to create shave creams and lotions for those that like to be beard free. 

Adam looks forward to being at Lenexa’s Winter Farmers Market events and plans to attend every other week during the Lenexa Farmers Market regular outdoor season in 2023. 

Published Jan. 25, 2023