Vendor profile: Le Cozinha Low Carb

Vendor profile: Le Cozinha Low Carb
Posted on 07/19/2023
woman and man standing near table of baked goods at Lenexa Farmers Market

Le Cozinha Low Carb works what seems like culinary magic to create delicious flavors and textures in low-carb, gluten-free and sugar-free treats. From savory breads made with almond and flaxseed flour to cookies, pastries, cakes and chocolates, they bake it all.

At the Lenexa Farmers Market, you’ll meet Leide (pronounced "Lady") and Carlos Galhardo with smiling faces and irresistible products to appease your sweet tooth. Though Leide is a dentist by trade, she has the heart of a baker.

In 2015, Leide began searching for a healthy diet that matched her goals. Once she found the ketogenic option, she embraced the low-carb eating lifestyle and hasn’t looked back.

The Galhardos immigrated to the United States from Brazil more than 20 years ago. In April of this year, the entire family — including their grown children — became naturalized U.S. citizens. 

Leide’s passion has always been awakened in the kitchen, and she continues to develop recipes using techniques learned in a low-carb cooking school in Brazil. She adapts family favorites into recipes that ultimately become the products she sells at the Market. 

Here are three of Leide’s favorite baked goods:

  • Favorite to make – cake jars and breads
  • Favorite to eat – Italian bread
  • Favorite chocolate – hazelnut pie

Each week, the Le Cozinha Low Carb menu changes a little bit to fit the season and what you might be craving. Leide is happy to create special orders for people, including specialty cakes for events. Stop by the Galhardos’ vendor booth at the Lenexa Farmers Market on Saturdays to taste a sample and learn more about the products they offer.

Published July 19, 2023